MIWF Meelad 2019 welfare activities report

To highlight the merciful and compassionate nature of teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Minhaj Interfaith and Welfare foundation volunteers participated in various welfare activities on the occasion of birth of the beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). A short summary of the events done in the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal is being given below:

Welfare event for Cancer patients

As part of Milad celebration in blessed month of Rabiul Awwal, MIWF team visited Noori Hall , Parel on 17th November,2019 and conducted a welfare event for Cancer patients in collaboration with Cancare foundation.

The event started with recitation of Holy Qur’an by Maulana Ali Muhammad who said human body is a precious gift from Almighty Allah who has prepared it in best composition. He stated that each human being is accountable for maintaining this body by avoiding it from harmful things.He further stated that if proper dietary habits given in Qur’an and Sunnah are adopted by mankind all diseases including cancer can be avoided.He stressed that patience over the troubles of disease brings immense reward and good behavior with relatives and prayers prolongs life and cures apparently incurable diseases.

He related many traditions from life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which mention about service for fellow beings without any discrimination of religion.

He congratulated the volunteers who are fulfilling the sunnah of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) by serving the patients and stated that it’s important that parents nurture spirit of volunteerism and servitude in their kids at young age by telling them about Seerah so that we have more such people who are willing to sacrifice their time, efforts and money for the sake of serving the humanity.

Sagir Deshmukh (Cancare Foundation) gave presentation about causes of the cancer, preventive measures, and sources to get financial help and cures for Cancer. He highlighted the need to stay away from smoking, alcohol and tobacco and mentioned that women of our society have a great role to remove these evils. He expressed happiness on the MIWF joining the fight against cancer.


MIWF team also conducted welfare events for children, old aged and sick at various locations.
Minhaj Interfaith Welfare Team from Bhiwandi led by brother Rafiq Shaikh visited Nakoda jain Advasi school and distributed gifts and sweets to children.

Our volunteer also carried out distribution of food packets and gifts at:
🔹Post office
🔹Old age home in Bhiwandi
🔹Orphanage in Bhiwandi
🔹Maharashtra ST depot
🔹CS Hospital, Thane
🔹Aasra Kendra for Children, Thane
🔹 Civil hospital in Ahmedabad

Minhaj National Public school second annual function held successfully

Second Annual School Function of Minhaj National English school was successfully held on 29th Jan at Meenatai Hall, Bhiwandi. A strong audience of 835 people attended the function.

Mufti Ismat Bubere who has translated Tafseer-e- Mahimi (ra) in urdu was one of the guests of honor at the event and he started the event with Tilawat e Quran.

After Tilawat ,there was felicitation of guests /school staff and volunteers of Shri Bhairav Jain Seva trust that works with Minhaj for welfare events.

Felicitation was followed by various performances by school children which included:

  • Islamic songs (nasheeds).
  • Hadith recitation in Arabic with English & Urdu translations.
  • Play about orphan children.
  • Arabic/English conversation by students.

Mr Sagir Deshmukh(President of Cancer Research Foundation) who was guest of honour applauded the efforts of the team and encouraged them to continue with acts of serving humanity.

Brother Rafeeq Raza highlighted the past events of Minhaj team and appealed for help in upcoming high-school project.

We want to thank all those participated and helped in making the event successful.

Minhaj Interfaith and Welfare Foundation delivered winter relief to SRINAGAR

Winter for 2016-17 has been exceptionally cold in many parts of the world and the cold and snowy conditions have caused deaths and cold related illnesses in areas which are susceptible to freezing temperatures.Matters are worse for refugees and displaced people who are staying in temporary shelters.

Minhaj Interfaith and Welfare Foundation as part of its #Colderforthem project is helping with winter relief in various cold regions of the world. As part of its #Colderforthem project in India, MIWF delivered winter relief at Srinagar relief camp in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.MIWF distributed winter relief material and household items to 70 families ( approximately 400 people ) who were victims of fire incident which completely destroyed their homes in Srinagar. Right now they are staying in temporary relief camps in Dalgate area of Srinagar. MIWF volunteers team comprising of 15 volunteers led by Abdur Rasheed Saab ( MQII J&K President ) and Noorul Hasan saab ( Gen Secretary MQI J & K) coordinated the whole effort in spite of severe cold and snowfall in the area.Earlier the MIWF Team had also distributed free medicines in hospitals of Srinagar.

The event was covered by various news channels and local media.

MIWF volunteers distributing relief at Srinagar relief camp

MIWF volunteers distributing relief at Srinagar relief camp

Posted by Minhaj Interfaith & Welfare Foundation on Friday, January 6, 2017

We would like to thank our donors and volunteers for their contributions in making this relief distribution successful.We look forward to your continued support for our future activities.

Delivers flood relief to the Valley

State of Jammu and Kashmir has been affected by nature’s fury over past few weeks due to a severe cold wave , that was followed by heavy rainfalls which caused avalanches and flash floods in many parts of state.Many people lost their lives and hundreds of families were displaced due to damages to homes in these floods.

The Welfare wing of Minhaj ul Quran International, India carried out relief work in past weeks in areas of Srinagar,Budgaam, Anantnag,Pulwama & other places of Jammu and Kashmir and helped the families that were in trouble. As residents of Jammu and Kashmir seek to resume their lives following heavy rains in the state which rendered hundreds homeless, MQI JnK welfare team is also helping the displaced families rebuild their damaged homes.

Minhaj ul Quran international J&K delegation led by Abdul Rashid Khan, (President MQII JnK), visited Leden Chadoora district near Budgaam where 17 people were burried under avalanche and consoled the families which had lost its loved ones and distributed relief material there. A team of 10 members of MQI J&K also visited the flood & landslide affected areas of Kashmir Valley and distributed relief packages among a large number of distressed & homeless families.

We’ve been delivering aid to those in need and would like to thank all our donors. Your contributions have not been forgotten and are much appreciated..We would appeal more people to generously come forward to the help of displaced people of JnK and contribute for their rehabilitation.

Delivers Flood Relief To The Valley

Help feed event of Minhaj Welfare Foundation completed successfully

Ramadan is an especially opportune time to reflect on the blessings of food. When we eat less, our stomachs shrink, and we feel full after a few bites at the end of the day. Fasting allows us to experience once a year what many throughout the world experience almost daily. Hunger, for them, is not a choice; it is simply a fact of life.In Islam, feeding people carries great virtues as can be seen from Qur’an and Hadith.

Help Feed Event Of Minhaj Welfare Foundation Completed Successfully

Interfaith iftaar and prayer meet held in Mumbai

An Interfaith Iftar and Prayer Meet was jointly hosted by Minhaj ul Quran, Observer Research Foundation and indialogue Foundation on 16th July at Mumbai Cricketers association Club, BKC. It was attended by Dignitaries from Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi faiths, intellectuals and professionals.

Rafeeq Ahmed Khan, President of Minhaj ul Quran introduced the Newly Launched Anti Terror Curriculum of Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri books to the audience .Sudheendra kulkarni, representing Observer Research Foundation at the event highlighted the importance of Interfaith events in bringing communities together and shared his vision for peace and co-ordination among various SAARC Nations.Oswald Cardinal Gracias mentioned that Fasting is a moment of reflection and mentioned that Quran emphasizes justice which is important for establishing Peace in the society.

Maulana Athar Ali said that there is a need to involve scholars from Muslim community to be a part of interfaith initiatives.Dr.Homi Dhalla emphasized the common problems like Poverty, Economic Injustice and Global Refugee crisis facing humanity and need to address them by rising above our own religious circlesSwami Sarvalokananda ji mentioned that Humanity is common ground all religions. He quoted the anecdote of Swami Vivekananda who went to Chicago and mentioned an example of frog growing in well who met another frog from sea and failed to understand depth of sea. This example shows the boundaries that human beings have built for themselves which prevent them from seeing the bigger picture.He reaffirmed the teachings of Swami Vivekananda to build bridges between communities

Dr. Zahir Abbas Rizvi said that in the world we see that there is a lot of bloodshed being carried out in the name of religion but the irony is that When a person is dying and blood is needed for him then we dont ask to which religion this blood belongs to.

Dr. Zahir Kazi (President Anjuman e Islam) mentioned that Islam forbids killing of innocent civilians even during war and said that there are commonalities between Guidelines of war laid down by Islam and guidelines in Geneva convention.

Dr. Yaqub Indlogue Foundation said that their organization wants to create an environment to bring people from different background together and quoted Turkish Scholar Fethullah Gulen who said that Interfaith dialogue is not luxury but has now become necessity.Today world needs peace more than ever before and we need a global strategy to bring peace to the society.

Interfaith Iftaar And Prayer Meet Held In Mumbai

Drug Awareness Event for Students in Thane School

Minhaj Interfaith & Welfare foundation in coordination with Mumbra Voice Foundation has organised Counselling Program at RFC Urdu High School, Thane.The event was appreciated by students and teachers of the school.

On regular basis, MIWF helps students in choosing a right career path, guide them on social evils and helps job seekers secure job.

Drug Awareness Event For Students In Thane School

Qurbani Report 2015

Alhamdulillah Minhaj Welfare Foundation carried out 2015 Qurbani project in collaboration with Shah Safi Memorial Trust Allahabad, UP ; Jamia Munemia Patna, Bihar ; S ;Jamia Mohammadia Sitamarhi, Bihar ;Sahat Almhida Con. Co.Op. Soc. Ltd., Nepal and distributed Qurbani meat among poor families of Muzaffarpur, Phulwari Sharif, Shahganj, Patna, Karari, Naara,Shahbazpur, Mirzapur, Madari, Bispitti, Gous Nagar, Adhyanpur, Rauza Bazar, Lewri. and the meat reached approx 8,000 people.

Also, and Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) in collaboration with Minhaj Welfare France distributed Qurbani meat to more than 20,000 people in one of the largest IDP camps in Africa (Somalia).

We would like to thank all our donors and volunteers who contributed for this project and helped to make it successful.

May Almighty Allah accept our sacrifice… Aameen!

Qurbani Report 2015