Interfaith iftaar and prayer meet held in Mumbai

An Interfaith Iftar and Prayer Meet was jointly hosted by Minhaj ul Quran, Observer Research Foundation and indialogue Foundation on 16th July at Mumbai Cricketers association Club, BKC. It was attended by Dignitaries from Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi faiths, intellectuals and professionals.

Rafeeq Ahmed Khan, President of Minhaj ul Quran introduced the Newly Launched Anti Terror Curriculum of Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri books to the audience .Sudheendra kulkarni, representing Observer Research Foundation at the event highlighted the importance of Interfaith events in bringing communities together and shared his vision for peace and co-ordination among various SAARC Nations.Oswald Cardinal Gracias mentioned that Fasting is a moment of reflection and mentioned that Quran emphasizes justice which is important for establishing Peace in the society.

Maulana Athar Ali said that there is a need to involve scholars from Muslim community to be a part of interfaith initiatives.Dr.Homi Dhalla emphasized the common problems like Poverty, Economic Injustice and Global Refugee crisis facing humanity and need to address them by rising above our own religious circlesSwami Sarvalokananda ji mentioned that Humanity is common ground all religions. He quoted the anecdote of Swami Vivekananda who went to Chicago and mentioned an example of frog growing in well who met another frog from sea and failed to understand depth of sea. This example shows the boundaries that human beings have built for themselves which prevent them from seeing the bigger picture.He reaffirmed the teachings of Swami Vivekananda to build bridges between communities

Dr. Zahir Abbas Rizvi said that in the world we see that there is a lot of bloodshed being carried out in the name of religion but the irony is that When a person is dying and blood is needed for him then we dont ask to which religion this blood belongs to.

Dr. Zahir Kazi (President Anjuman e Islam) mentioned that Islam forbids killing of innocent civilians even during war and said that there are commonalities between Guidelines of war laid down by Islam and guidelines in Geneva convention.

Dr. Yaqub Indlogue Foundation said that their organization wants to create an environment to bring people from different background together and quoted Turkish Scholar Fethullah Gulen who said that Interfaith dialogue is not luxury but has now become necessity.Today world needs peace more than ever before and we need a global strategy to bring peace to the society.

Interfaith Iftaar And Prayer Meet Held In Mumbai

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