Phase-2 of MIWF O2ForIndia and Medical Assistance program in progress

India is buckling under the worst Covid surge in the world.

With over 350,000 cases being recorded a day and death stalking every corner, patients and families are racing against time, pleading for oxygen and medication outside overcrowded hospitals. Too often, they end up in mourning. Brave doctors, aid workers and local groups are doing all they can to fight this deadly virus but they’re extremely stretched, and need urgent help with life-saving supplies!

MIWF teams are working round the clock in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Kutch and are determined to tackle the second wave by providing medicines, doctor consultation and oxygen supplies to the needy. Please visit our Facebook page to take a look at multiple lifesaving endeavours of MIWF Covidwarriors.

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