Sharing Qurbani (Sacrifice) 2016 Appeal

PER SHARE AMOUNT for year 2017 is ₹1800
Please note that Aqiqah shares can also be given. (Two shares for a boy and one share for a girl)
Contact Numbers to share your details are +91 8793432744 / +91 9820 584468.

In Islam, Qurbani implants and nourishes among its followers, the spirit of total submission to Almighty Allah’s will.All acts of Worship, including Qurbani, must be carried out with a spirit of total submission to Almighty Allah. This is what Hadrat Ibrahim (Álaihis salaam) did, and this is what every true Muslim is required to do.

Flood is a regular feature of Bihar and Assam, but this year’s floods have been exceptional in their intensity and have led to significant loss of life and property. Thousands of displaced people are now staying in makeshift tents. These flood victims are our brothers and sisters. Helping them at this time of crisis is our duty. With the Qurbani HelpFeed program , we also intend to help the victims of floods in Bihar, apart from other locations in which we usually distribute Qurbani.

Account Name : Minhaj Educational & Welfare Trust
Account Number : 025110110003851
Bank Name : Bank of India
IFSC Code : BKID0000251
Bank : Dhamankar Naka Bhiwandi