Free Oxygen Cylinders to Covid patients

Free Oxygen Cylinders to Covid patients

30th April 2021

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, India has been grappling with a dire shortage of oxygen, a critical lifeline for patients in severe respiratory distress. As the nation faces an unprecedented surge in cases, the demand for oxygen cylinders has skyrocketed, leaving many in desperate need and struggling to secure this vital resource.

In this time of crisis, the Minhaj Interfaith and Welfare Foundation (MIWF) has stepped forward to provide a crucial service—refilling oxygen cylinders and distributing them free of charge to support the treatment of COVID-19 patients. MIWF's teams have been working tirelessly to ensure that oxygen is made available to those who require it the most.

This humanitarian effort has extended across various regions, including Mumbai, New Delhi, Lucknow, and Allahabad. By refilling oxygen cylinders and distributing them at no cost, MIWF has become a lifeline for individuals and families battling the ravages of the virus. In addition to physically providing oxygen cylinders, MIWF has established a vital resource—the MIWF Medical Helpline number 1800-258-4777. This helpline serves as a beacon of hope for those in need, guiding them to authentic and reliable sources for oxygen cylinders.

In the face of this devastating oxygen shortage, MIWF's unwavering commitment to alleviating the suffering of COVID-19 patients stands as a testament to the organization's compassion and dedication. In times of crisis, it is acts of kindness and generosity like these that remind us of the resilience and unity of the human spirit.

MIWF's efforts not only provide a critical service but also offer solace and hope to those who are enduring the immense challenges posed by the pandemic. In the darkest hours of this crisis, MIWF's work shines as a beacon of humanity, exemplifying the power of collective compassion and solidarity.

To get a firsthand look at the tireless efforts of MIWF's COVID-19 warriors, you can visit our Facebook page, where we document multiple life-saving endeavors. Our dedicated individuals and teams are working relentlessly to provide critical assistance to those affected by the virus.The situation in India is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis. The relentless surge in cases has left a trail of devastation and despair. Families are struggling to access basic medical care, and hospitals are overwhelmed beyond capacity.

In this challenging time, organizations like MIWF are a ray of hope, offering crucial support and assistance to those in need. As the pandemic continues to pose a severe threat to communities across India, the efforts of MIWF and other organizations on the frontlines are more critical than ever. Their unwavering commitment to saving lives and providing essential supplies underscores the resilience of the human spirit and the power of collective action in times of crisis.

It is essential that the international community comes together to support India during this dire situation. The country needs urgent assistance in securing medical supplies, oxygen, and vaccines to curb the spread of the virus and save lives. As we bear witness to the heroic efforts of organizations like MIWF, we are reminded that in times of adversity, compassion and solidarity can make a profound difference.

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