MIWF conducts Covid vaccination drives

MIWF conducts Covid vaccination drives

4th December 2021

In the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Minhaj Interfaith and Welfare Foundation (MIWF) has taken proactive measures to promote vaccination and raise awareness among the Muslim communities residing in Mumbai's densely populated areas. A dedicated team of volunteers and religious scholars (Ulema) associated with MIWF has been tirelessly working to encourage and facilitate COVID-19 vaccination by conducting awareness campaigns and vaccination drives.

Understanding the vital role of religious leaders in influencing their congregations, MIWF has collaborated with these scholars to utilize Friday sermons as a platform to disseminate information about the importance of vaccination. This strategic approach aims to address common myths and misconceptions surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine, ultimately breaking down barriers to vaccination in areas such as Dharavi, Govandi, Wadala, and Sewree in Mumbai.

Zubair Ahmed, Vice President of MIWF, emphasized the critical nature of these initiatives. He noted that although vaccination drives had been ongoing in these areas for the past six months, the turnout was disappointingly low. To combat vaccine hesitancy, MIWF embarked on a multifaceted approach that involved collaborative efforts between volunteers, religious scholars, and social workers.

One of the key challenges that MIWF addressed was the prevalence of misinformation and misconceptions regarding COVID-19 vaccination. To counteract this, the organization worked closely with local Muslim scholars, urging them to educate their congregations about the importance of vaccination and dispel any doubts or fears. The impact of this collaborative campaign has been significant, as an increasing number of community members are now coming forward to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Medical professionals and staff from the esteemed Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital played a crucial role in conducting the vaccination drives. These healthcare heroes, including Komal Gupta, Anil Gaikwad, Akshay Boricha, Vinod Kharat, Archana Diwedi, and Sneha Dhabolkan, provided their expertise and support to ensure the smooth administration of vaccines.

Behind the scenes, MIWF volunteers worked tirelessly to coordinate and facilitate the events, ensuring that the vaccination drives ran seamlessly. Among these dedicated volunteers were individuals like Fayyaz Shaikh, Irshad Ali Khan, Khadim Hussain, Fehmida Ayub A Siddique, Imdad Khan, Abdul Jafar Shaikh, Arvind Gaud, Nasib Khan, Asrar Bhai, Fatima Jamirullah, and Niyaz Khan. Their commitment to the cause, alongside the collaborative efforts of the entire team, has played a pivotal role in the success of MIWF's vaccination initiatives.

As a result of these collective endeavors, MIWF has not only helped to increase vaccination rates in these Muslim-majority areas but has also contributed to dispelling the taboo and misinformation surrounding COVID-19 vaccination within the community. The success of these efforts is a testament to the power of education, collaboration, and community involvement in overcoming public health challenges.

In these challenging times, MIWF's dedication to the welfare of marginalized communities and its commitment to promoting public health through awareness campaigns and vaccination drives exemplify the organization's core values of compassion, empathy, and service to humanity. The impact of these initiatives extends far beyond vaccination numbers; it represents a collective step towards safeguarding the health and well-being of vulnerable populations and building a more resilient and informed society in the face of the pandemic.

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