MIWF's Cancer Patients' Meelad Gathering

MIWF's Cancer Patients' Meelad Gathering

2nd October 2022, Mumbai

On the 2nd of October, 2022, a heartwarming and compassionate event took place in the bustling city of Mumbai. Minhaj Interfaith & Welfare, in collaboration with the Cancare Research Foundation, organized a welfare event dedicated to cancer patients at Noori Hall in Parel, Mumbai. The event, aptly titled "We Can Beat Cancer Together," was a touching testament to the power of unity, support, and the human spirit.

The gathering brought together more than 120 cancer patients and their families, creating a community of hope and resilience. It was a day marked by shared experiences, knowledge, and a collective commitment to fighting against this formidable disease. The event commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran, setting a tone of reverence and spirituality. It served as a reminder that faith and compassion are often integral components in the battle against illness, providing solace and strength to those who face health challenges.

Maulana Ali Muhammad, delivering the keynote speech, emphasized the significance of empathy and service in the context of religious teachings. He highlighted that all religious scriptures emphasize the importance of serving fellow human beings, a fundamental tenet that transcends religious boundaries. In the context of Minhaj ul Quran, founded by Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, this duty is being carried out by spreading knowledge and extending assistance to the needy across 90 countries through various humanitarian projects.

Dr. Uzma's presentation added a valuable dimension to the event, focusing on the importance of nutrition for cancer patients. She not only shared insights into the kinds of healthy foods that should be included in the diet of cancer patients but also emphasized the precautions that must be taken during chemotherapy treatment. This information is invaluable for patients and their families as they navigate the complex journey of cancer treatment. Sagir Deshmukh, representing the Cancare Foundation, offered a comprehensive presentation covering the causes of cancer, its symptoms, preventive measures, and available cures. Knowledge about cancer is a powerful tool in the fight against the disease, empowering individuals to take proactive steps in their health and well-being.

Mustafa saab, a representative from MIWF, concluded the event with a heartfelt vote of thanks. In a generous gesture of support, two wheelchairs were gifted to the Noori Dargah trust by MIWF, a gesture that underscores the organization's commitment to serving the community. The event went beyond knowledge-sharing and presentations; it was an embodiment of compassion and care.

Patients were gifted with sweets, health drinks, blankets, and essential food items, providing them with not only physical nourishment but also a sense of comfort and care from the community. Moreover, the English and Hindi versions of the book "Real Sketch of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)" were gifted to the patients and guests. This symbolic gesture aimed to bring solace and inspiration, reminding everyone of the teachings of empathy, kindness, and unity as exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad.

In conclusion, the "We Can Beat Cancer Together" event in Mumbai was a powerful testament to the strength of human solidarity, compassion, and faith in the face of adversity. It showcased the importance of community support in the battle against cancer and highlighted the role of knowledge and empathy in alleviating suffering. This event serves as an inspiration for all, a reminder that together, we can overcome the most formidable challenges, and that acts of kindness and compassion are invaluable in the journey towards healing and hope.

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