Minhaj National Public School Annual Function

Minhaj National Public School Annual Function

29th June 2019, Bhiwandi

The Second Annual School Function of Minhaj National English School was an outstanding success, taking place on January 29th at Meenatai Hall, Bhiwandi. A remarkable audience of 835 individuals enthusiastically attended this memorable event.

The event commenced with an opening address by Mufti Ismat Bubere, a distinguished guest of honor who is renowned for translating Tafseer-e-Mahimi (ra) into Urdu. Mufti Ismat Bubere initiated the proceedings with a Tilawat e Quran, reciting verses from the Holy Quran.

Following the Tilawat, the event featured a segment dedicated to the felicitation of distinguished guests, school staff, and the dedicated volunteers of Shri Bhairav Jain Seva Trust, which collaborates with Minhaj on various welfare initiatives. This gesture of recognition and appreciation acknowledged the collective efforts of those involved in these noble endeavors.

The heart of the event came to life through captivating performances by the school's talented children, including:

  1. Islamic songs (nasheeds) that resonated with spiritual melodies.

  2. Hadith recitations in Arabic, accompanied by English and Urdu translations.

  3. A compelling play that highlighted the stories of orphaned children, emphasizing empathy and compassion.

  4. Engaging Arabic/English conversations skillfully presented by the students, showcasing their linguistic abilities and cultural awareness.

The event also welcomed Mr. Sagir Deshmukh, President of the Cancer Research Foundation, as a distinguished guest of honor. Mr. Deshmukh commended the dedicated efforts of the Minhaj team and encouraged them to persist in their noble mission of serving humanity and making a positive impact on society.

Brother Rafeeq Raza, in his address, shed light on the past achievements and impactful events organized by the Minhaj team. He also appealed to the attendees for their support and participation in upcoming projects, including the ambitious high-school project.

The success of this event was made possible by the collective contributions and dedication of all participants and supporters. Their commitment to the cause of education and humanitarian service exemplifies the spirit of Minhaj National English School and its mission to foster holistic development and social responsibility among students and the community alike.

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