Phase-3 of Help Feed Project 2016

Phase-3 of Help Feed Project 2016

28th June 2016

During Ramadan, the Minhaj Interfaith & Welfare Foundation (MIWF) recognizes the profound significance of food and the act of giving. Fasting during this holy month allows Muslims to empathize with those who experience daily hunger, emphasizing the importance of compassion and charity. Islam places great importance on feeding the hungry, as evident in the Quran and Hadith.

MIWF's Phase-3 Help Feed Project extended its efforts to provide essential food supplies to the needy and underprivileged segments of society. These distributions took place in various locations:

  1. Badarpur, Assam: Ramadan Ration packs were distributed to victims affected by the floods in Assam, offering support to those facing dire circumstances.

  2. Bharuch, Gujarat: Ration packets were delivered to over 60 families directly at their doorsteps, ensuring they had access to basic necessities during Ramadan.

  3. Chandigarh: MIWF volunteers extended a helping hand to the poor by distributing Ration packs, ensuring that those in need could observe their fasts with dignity.

These initiatives aimed not only to provide immediate relief during Sehri and Iftar but also to raise awareness among the more privileged members of society. MIWF seeks to inspire individuals to use their resources to assist the less fortunate, aligning with the principles of compassion and charity emphasized in Islam.

MIWF expresses deep gratitude to all donors and volunteers whose unwavering support and contributions make these noble endeavors possible. The organization remains committed to further welfare projects, including free medical and eye check-up camps, medicine distribution, scholarships, Eid packs, and other initiatives aimed at helping impoverished families.

As Ramadan unfolds, MIWF looks to its donors and well-wishers to continue contributing to these worthy causes, reinforcing the spirit of giving, empathy, and social responsibility that Ramadan represents.

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