"Building Opportunities, Shaping Futures: A High School Construction Initiative."

High School

High School

The Minhaj Interfaith and Welfare Foundation's visionary initiative to establish English schools across diverse cities exemplifies a steadfast commitment to both education and social welfare, echoing the profound Islamic values of compassion, equity, and knowledge dissemination.

At its core, Islam emphasizes the significance of seeking knowledge as an obligatory duty for all Muslims. This principle extends not only to religious teachings but also to worldly wisdom. By creating English Islamic schools that offer a well-rounded education, the foundation aligns with Islam's directive to pursue learning as a means to empower individuals and elevate society. This endeavor is grounded in the Prophetic tradition that encourages believers to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

The foundation's dedication to providing quality education at an affordable cost mirrors the Islamic principle of social justice and compassion for the less fortunate. Islam advocates for the equitable distribution of resources and opportunities, ensuring that everyone has access to fundamental rights, including education. The initiative resonates with the concept of Zakat, a form of charitable giving obligatory upon financially able Muslims, which aims to uplift those in need.

By promoting interfaith harmony through its name and mission, the foundation embodies Islam's call for understanding and cooperation among different faith communities. Islam encourages dialogue and mutual respect, fostering an environment of inclusivity where diverse perspectives can thrive harmoniously.

Supporting the 'Education for All' campaign by becoming a franchisee or donating resonates with the Quranic teachings that extol the virtues of giving. Islam encourages believers to spend in the way of Allah, promoting philanthropy as a means to attain spiritual growth and earn divine rewards.

In essence, the Minhaj Interfaith and Welfare Foundation's endeavor to establish English schools intertwines with the core tenets of Islam. By providing education that is rooted in Islamic values and accessible to all, they exemplify the principles of knowledge, social justice, interfaith harmony, and compassion. This noble campaign beckons individuals to embrace their Islamic identity by contributing to the betterment of society through the empowerment of young minds, embodying the timeless spirit of 'Education for All' advocated by the faith.

All donations to MIWF are tax exempted under section 80G.

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